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Invacare Solo2
Portable Oxygen Concentrator



Invacare SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Machine Package Includes:

  • Invacare SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • AC Power Supply (Wall Outlet)
  • DC Power Supply (Car Outlet)
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Traveling Cart
  • Tubing
  • Filters
  • Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

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The Invacare SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Invacare SOLO2 is one of the only continuous and pulse flow oxygen concentrators on the market today. The oxygen concentrator will produce up to 3 LPM (liters per minute) on a continuous flow, and up to a setting of 5 on a pulse flow. Weighing in at around 20 lbs with the traveling cart and battery. The traveling cart has a telescopic handle making the oxygen concentrator easy to travel with.

Invacare SOLO 2 Is Easy To Travel With And Now FAA APPROVED!

Patients can now use their Invacare SOLO2 portable oxygen concentrator on board a plane. The SOLO2 made by Invacare is one of the best units when it comes to battery life on a continuous flow. Producing 2 LPM for 2.6 hours without needing a recharge! The oxygen concentrator will charge the batteries while the patient uses the machine when plugged into the AC Power Supply (Wall Outlet). Patients can also plug their Invacare SOLO2 into the cigarette lighter in a car, allowing the patient to receive an unlimited amount of oxygen while driving.

Use The Invacare SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 24/7!

With the Invacare SOLO2 being continuous and pulse flow, patients can use this oxygen concentrator as their home and portable machine! Pulse flow for using during the day to take care of traveling with annoying green tanks, and continuous for nocturnal use, allowing patients to get rid of their big hefty home oxygen concentrator. Patients now can have just one small oxygen concentrator, instead of a big oxygen concentrator, with annoying green tanks.

The Invacare SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Features:

  • Reliable, Durable, Quiet, And Clinically-Robust System That Is Easy To Operate
  • Continuous Flow Up To 3 LPM And Pulse Flow Up To A Setting Of 5
  • Additional Accessories Are Available And Sold Separately
  • Extremely Quiet: 39 dBA at 2 LPM Continuous Flow And On All Pulse Flow Settings

The Invacare SOLO2 Specifications:

Dimensions: 16.5" H x 11" W x 8" D
Weight: 17 lbs Without Battery | 19.9 lbs With Battery
Battery Life: 2.6 Hours At 2 LPM Continuous Flow
Continuous Flow: 0.5 - 3 LPM, In .5 Increments
Conserving Flow: Pulse Settings 1 - 5
Operating Altitude: 10,000 ft
Filters: Gross Particle, Compressor Inlet, HEPA Outlet - All Accessible Without Opening Up Concentrator Shell
Sound Level: ~35 dBA At 1 LPM | ~39 dBA At 2 LPM Continuous | ~42 dBA At 3 LPM Continuous | <39 dBA At All Pulse Flow Settings
Air Tubing: Up To 25' On Continuous Flow | 7' Recommended When Using Pulse Settings
Code Approval: E1390 (Stationary) | E1392 (Portable)
Warranty: 5 Year Limited | 1 Year Limited On All Accessories