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Devilbiss IGo
Portable Oxygen Concentrator



DeVilbiss Igo System Includes:

  • DeVilbiss IGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • 1 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Travel Cart With Telescopic Handle
  • Custom Protective Case
  • AC Power Supply (Wall Outlet)
  • DC Power Supply (Car Outlet)
  • Tubing
  • Filters
  • Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

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DeVilbiss IGO Portable Oxygen Concentrator Best Of Both Worlds

The DeVilbiss IGO is the perfect travel oxygen concentrator for both day and night use. This oxygen concentrator is perfect for the patients that need their pulse flow during the day, and their continuous flow for nocturnal use. The DeVilbiss IGO will go from 1 LPM up to 3 LPM on continuous flow and from a setting of 1-6 on the pulse flow. The IGO portable oxygen concentrator is one of the best with battery life when it comes to continuous flow oxygen machines. Lasting 5.4 hours on a setting of 1, and only takes 2 hours to charge the battery, faster than any other portable oxygen concentrator! For an all around oxygen concentrator for home and on the run the DeVilbiss Igo will be there giving you uninterrupted oxygen therapy.


The DeVilbiss IGO Is Good For Plane, Car, Train, And Cruise Ships!

DeVilbiss IGO is FAA approved for commercial airline travel.  It comes with more accessories than any other portable oxygen concentrator. The DeVilbiss IGO has a control panel that is designed to be used while sitting under the seat in front of you on an airplane. The oxygen concentrator is very easy to travel with, put the IGO oxygen concentrator on the traveling cart, and roll it around like a suite case. Plug the AC Power Supply into the wall to use the unit and charge the battery, or plug it into the cigarette lighter in a car to hold the batteries charge. The DeVilbiss Igo has been called the best all in one oxygen machine.


DeVilbiss Igo Features 

  • Built in oxygen sensing device to ensure accurate oxygen delivery and reduce periodic maintenance schedule.
  • 1-6 Liters Per Minute Pulse Dose Or 1-3 Continuous Flow Mode
  • Can be used with a 50 foot hose / cannula in continuous flow mode and 35 foot hose / tubing on pulse dose flow mode.
  • Integrated pulse dose oxygen conserving technology extends the use time of the Igo portable oxygen system, offering increased mobility with improved comfort and increased efficiency.
  • Audible alerts for power failure, low battery, low oxygen output, high flow / low flow, no breath detected in pulse flow mode, high temperature, unit malfuntion.
  • Increased battery capabilities, Igo is powered by one battery that can last up to 5.4 hours on a setting of 1 pulse dose mode.
  • Easy to select liter flow settings

 DeVilbiss iGo Expected Battery Life

Flow Rate Pulse Flow Continuous Flow
1 5.4 Hours 4.0 Hours
2 4.7 Hours 2.4 Hours
3 4.0 Hours 1.6 Hours
4 3.5 Hours N/A
5 3.2 Hours N/A
6 3.0 Hours N/A


Dimensions: 15" x 11" x 8" (38cm x 28cm x 20cm)
Weight: 19lbs (8.6 kg) with Battery | 15.5lbs (7.0 kg) without Battery
Oxygen Concentration: 91% +/- 3% for all flow settings
Max. Recommended Continuous Flow: 3 LPM
Flow Rate Settings: Settings 1-6 PulseDose | 1-3 LPM Continuous Flow
Operating Temperature: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Altitude: 0-13,123 Feet (0-4,000 Meters)
Transportation And Storage Temperature: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Bolus Size: 14.5 ml per setting (This is consistent across all settings, unlike other devices which can decrease the bolus size at higher settings).
Battery Watt Hour Rating: 98 x 2 = 1961
Warranty: 5 Years