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The AirSep Visionaire sets the new standard for home oxygen use. This lightweight machine weighs just 30 pounds and stands just 20.8 inches tall. It glides on heavy duty casters for easy transport from room to room or even out to a deck or patio. It can also be used with an extra long cannula for conveneint mobility. It is equipped with an easy-fill humidifier bottle to prevent drying of nasal cavities for more comfortable use.

The Visionaire oxygen concentrator can deliver up to 5 liters per minute. It is designed to be used 24 hours a day and can be used in conjuntion with a CPAP or BiPAP device. It is the quietest home device available rated at 40 decibels. As a point of reference, normal conversation is about 60-65 decibels and a phone dial tone is rated at about 80 decibels. It won't drown out the television or disturb someone sleeping in the same room.

The advanced engineering of the Airsep Visionaire also makes it the most efficient. The power consumption is 290 Watts compared to the 350 Watts of the other concentrators in its class. It has far less impact on the environment and saves money on electricity. This unit also produces far less heat than its contemporaries.

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