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The AirSep Freestyle is the perfect portable oxygen concentrator for the pulse user on the go. Its small, inconspicuous case comes with a long padded strap and convenient belt. The case is approximately the size of a purse or camera bag and easily fits in a car, beneath an airline seat or at your feet at the theater or sporting event. It's ready to go wherever you are. 

The battery can be charged with an A/C cord at home or with a D/C charger in a car, motorhome or boat. Its long battery life and lightweight design is ideal for a long walk on the beach, a day at the museum, tending the garden or doing just about anything else you want to. 

This oxygen concentrator has 3 pulse settings. The control panel is impact resistant and easy to read. The AirSep Freestyle makes a great traveling companion or hiking buddy. Call now to speak to one of our respiratory specialists.